IqbalCatering, Bangladesh – Best Food Catering Service Provider

Best Food Catering Service Provider

Since 1987 we're providing Food Catering Services in Bangladesh

  • What We Cook

    Indian Food, Chineese Food, Deshi Food, Continental Food and Snacks for your contentment tastes and requirements.

  • Events We Cover

    Wedding, AGM, Picnic, Seminar, Birthday, Annerversary, Funerals, Parties, Iftars and any kind of events you need to be served foods for.

  • What We Provide

    Halal Food, Healthy Enviornment, Clean Crockeries and Cutleries, Good Fabric Table Cloths and Napkin/Table Tops.

  • 5 Stars Benchmark

    For your convenient, we always ensure all of our services and food statisfy you greatly and the quality are upped for 5 Stars Benchmark.

  • Premium Venues

    Total 10 Prominent Conventions and Luxarious Restaurants located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • Home Delivery

    We utilize our own Delivery Vans to deliver in time despite of traffic and seasons when you need foods at your door, as much as you plan it for.